What is youtube Audit?

An audit is always down by experienced consultants and it helps companies to identify their mistakes, spot opportunities and always stay compliant. YouTube channel audit is a great way to gain insights & grow your channel unprecedently.

why should get a youtube audit done?

Any of the following reasons is a big enough reason:

  1.  Good content but less-than-expected traction
  2.  Ad revenue is either dropping or stagnant 
  3.  Views per video are low
  4.  Poor search rankings
  5. Poor engagement

What's included in the audit?

Content Audit

You may have deep knowledge in your field, but conveying it best in form of a video might not necessarily be your forte. Our report will reveal the reasons to improve your content keeping in mind the psychology of viewers.


70% of your traffic depends on how good your thumbnail is. We will tell you why your thumbnails need an overhaul so that they can’t be ignored by the viewers.

Equipment Optimization

Creators might not have cash to burn on heavy gear to achieve that perfect video quality and do not even need to as long as their content is the king. We will show you how even your smartphone can produce high quality videos and audio at no extra cost.

How robust is your SEO?

We will study the current SEO practices you are following and generate a report highlighting the mistakes and scope of improvements.

Playlists Optimization

Youtube playlists are a convenient way to get your views to watch more videos on similar topics. However, youtubers fail to make playlists that attract more eyeballs in terms of SEO. Let us tell you where you’re going wrong.

The Social Influence

We will assess your current social presence on various platforms and provide you with best strategies to leverage that audience

How much will it take us?

From commencement to report submission, it usually takes 1-2 weeks.